Universal Moveable Kitchen Tap Head

Universal Moveable Kitchen Tap Head

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You hate how the water falls from the kitchen tap, you want to have more than 1 mode diffuser but with the old one you cannot.

Water diffuser is for you. With our water diffuser you can finally clean your dishes comfortably.

Water Diffuser is the answer. Its two mode, Shower mode and Bubbler mode lets you have a quality water falling.

  • Available in two sizes: 50mm*75mm Or 50mm*175mm
  • Made with high quality of plastic
  • 360 rotation
  • Fits more than 1.4cm and less than 2.3 of faucet.
  • Compatible any pipe in your house as long as it fits with the mentioned sizes.

Due to COVID-19, this product takes between 20 and 30 days to arrive. Thanks for your patience, and for supporting a small business.